Book Boxes

Cardboard book boxes are a resource we turn to when we need to store our precious paper treasures. The most important features that a box should offer us are stability, resistance and repellence to humidity, in other words, that it should keep our books in the best possible condition. At Monouso, we offer you the best cardboard book boxes, where you can store your texts, for medium or long term.

When you have to store your texts, whether you want to keep them for a while or guard your treasures, cardboard book boxes are an excellent option.

Thanks to the use of cardboard boxes we can:

Store our books correctly.
Prevent them from coming into contact with humidity.
Optimize the space available for the storage of objects.
Apply several boxes and resist time.
In this section of Monouso, you will find the best options in cardboard book boxes.

They are boxes of different sizes and variable capacity, of a single channel, with an exceptional resistance.

They are available in packages of 20 units, which can be sent to the comfort of your home or office.


Tips on how to use cardboard boxes to store books
It's normal for cardboard boxes to come unarmed. When you receive the package at home, you will be able to assemble the necessary boxes for the amount of items you are going to keep and you will be able to store the remaining ones.

No tools or tape are needed to assemble the cardboard boxes.

The cardboard comes with the necessary folds to facilitate your assembly.

However, when using them as a vehicle for storing books, it is recommended that you place adhesive tape -in the form of a cross- on the bottom of the box.

Remember that books are heavy. This way the box will have a support point that will not allow them to be opened from below.

Since we are talking about weight, it is important that you do not exceed the amount of weight recommended by the box manufacturer.

This is the only way to ensure that the box can withstand the weight of the books.

When stacking, take into account the recommendations of the box manufacturer.

Remember that the boxes of the lower levels, at the time of application, are the ones that will receive the weight of all the rows of boxes with packed books.

If the weight is higher than the recommendation, the box could collapse and damage its contents.

We are working with paper, it is vital to avoid humidity in the box.

Store in dry environments and place moisture proof bags inside each box.

One of the great enemies of books is moisture. They could render any copy useless, with astonishing ease.

The last advice we offer you, very important, is to write down the contents of each box.

You can use labels or write it directly on the side of the box.

With this step, you make sure you know what's inside each box and know where to look when you need it.

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