Biodegradable Paper Cups

Ecological Cardboard Cups are the most sustainable beverage serving containers on the market. This range of Disposable Tumblers, also known as Biodegradable Tumblers offer a superb finish, high quality, are highly resistant and will not bend or shape. You can accompany these Ecological Cardboard Cups with the Cardboard Cup Lids, the perfect combination to enjoy your drink wherever you want, without fear of spills or stains.

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Ecological Cardboard Cups, made entirely from materials that come from sustainably managed forests, are the most sustainable disposable cups in the sector.

Each and every one of our Ecological Paper Cups has the PEFC seal that guarantees its ecological origin. Therefore, our Biodegradable Cups are an excellent alternative to do your bit in caring for the environment as they are also compostable, i.e. they do not release harmful gases into the atmosphere, so their impact on the ecosystem is minimal.

In Monouso you will find a wide selection of Bioware Cardboard Cups divided into two families: On the one hand, the Plain Ecological Cardboard Cups in Brown or White, to choose from 120 ml to 240 ml capacity. And on the other hand, the Love Nature Ecological Cardboard Cups in Green or Brown, which can be found in various sizes available, from 120 ml to 270 ml capacity.

One of the great advantages of these Bioware Cardboard Cups is that they resist high temperatures and also keep the heat very well, so they can be a good alternative as Cardboard Cups for coffee machines in workplaces or also in bars and restaurants with take away service. Available in bags and boxes; we apply a 20% discount on order volume and deliver to your door within 48 hours!

And if these are not the disposable cardboard cups you need, take a look at the rest of our catalogue sections: From Cardboard Cups for Hot Drinks, which can also be used for cold drinks, to Cardboard Cups for Cold Drinks, which cannot be used for hot drinks. 

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