Biodegradable Coffee Mugs

From MonoUso we give you the opportunity to enjoy the taste of your hot coffee in one of our elegant Biodegradable Cups. Our Wasara Single-Use Cup is a 100% natural, ecological and Japanese design product, whose main objective, besides you enjoying a nice coffee, is to preserve the environmental well being, that's why these Disposable Cups are also compostable, since they are made of sugar cane pulp and bagasse, a raw material superior to paper that allows minimizing the impact on the environment.

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Mr. Shinichiro Ogata had a dream: "to bring nature to life in the form of disposable tableware, uniting design and ecology". Hence the Wasara Tableware was born, to which our Biodegradable Cups belong. Made from sugar cane pulp and bagasse, a raw material superior to paper, our Eco-friendly cups resist temperatures of up to 85ºC, and are also waterproof.

The elegant lines of our Sustainable Mugs and their modern and vanguard designs allow them to be used in any occasion, from a picnic to a more formal celebration, in your home, business or event.

From Monouso we offer you these Eco Disposable Cups that can be very well accompanied by a complete Biodegradable Dinner Set that will allow you to serve your recipes in an elegant way at a party without having to worry about washing a huge pile of dishes afterwards or having your consumerism rock your conscience.

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