Bamboo Plates

The Bamboo Dishes, designed under a very elegant and attractive design, are ideal for use in Catering, Tasting and formal or informal events. As Bamboo Disposable Dishes, these plates will allow you to save time in collection and cleaning without skimping on quality and hygiene, because after use, they are ready to be thrown away! Starters and small culinary creations will look great in these Biodegradable Dishes, adapting to any situation.

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The Bamboo Dishes are 100% Natural Dishes made from natural bamboo cane, under a non-toxic process.

The Bamboo is one of the best ecological materials resulting in Disposable Ecological Dishes for its great showiness, elegance, lightness and resistance. That is why they are widely used in restaurants, hotels, catering and events, to serve the most demanding and sophisticated tables.

Being a Biodegradable Disposable Dish, you will save time and money without ever skimping on quality and hygiene. But that's not all! Bamboo Plates are Compostable Plates, since under specific conditions, they will decompose without leaving residues. 

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