Bamboo Mini Tasting Cutlery

In today's most chic events, distinction and environmental harmony are sought, while trying to delight the most demanding palates with a fusion of flavors. For all this, from MonoUso we offer you a collection of Mini Bamboo Cutlery ideal to enjoy appetizers with a touch of quality and natural elegance.

In our web you will find from Biodegradable Mini Forks to Bamboo Mini Knives in different colors. A touch of distinction for your event or reception.

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Bamboo Mini Cutlery is the most sustainable and economical alternative when it comes to surprising your guests with the presentation of your food. These Catering Accessories are Disposable Cutlery, but at the same time offer greater resistance and durability than Plastic Cutlery.

Our Biodegradable Bamboo Mini Cutlery does not harm the environment because it disappears without leaving any visible or toxic residue. These Bamboo Spoons, Bamboo Forks or Bamboo Knives, very similar to the conventional ones, have a great capacity to withstand high temperatures without deforming.

Buy everything you need to complement these sustainable cutlery in the categories Sugar Cane Cups, Wooden Dishes, Ecological Paper Napkins, etc.

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