Appetizer and Tasting Spoons

The Tasting Spoons are a sure bet for quality, sustainability and design. Resistant and reusable, these Biodegradable Spoons will serve as a support to present appetizers and canapés in a more modern and distinguished way.

With rounded profiles and a flat base, the Catering Spoons can be Bamboo Spoons, Sugar Cane Spoons or Wooden Spoons, among other miniatures for tasting. They can be presented on trays or plates in a comfortable way and without any risk of overturning. In addition, these appetizer spoons are sustainable, can be reused and do not harm the environment.

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The Mini Tasting Spoons are the perfect complement to serve culinary delights at any event or catering. Made of pressed bamboo leaves, wood or sugar cane, our Tasting Spoons are ideal for presenting your most exquisite tapas in an original way.

These Disposable Spoons are a natural product designed for Single Use, but thanks to their great resistance and durability they could be considered Reusable Spoons, since they also withstand large temperature changes. Although it is still Disposable Kitchenware, making it more hygienic, safe and cost effective.

Catering Spoons are very much used in weddings, presentations and big events. They are perfect for serving bites of the best starters, appetizers and desserts, and do not damage the ecosystem, thus putting a medal in terms of sustainability.

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