Microwavable PP Plastic Plates

Microwaveable dishes are increasingly in demand because of the convenience of being able to put a plastic dish in the microwave, so that the food can be heated before it is served easily and quickly. Well, taking into account the needs of the market, here we put at your disposal all the Microwaveable Plastic Plates of our range. An endless number of colors, textures and sizes that make a wide range of Microwaveable Plastic Dishes very resistant where you will find the perfect dishes for any event, formal or informal, in which to serve any type of food.

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Are you one of those people who still believe that Plastic Plates can't be microwaved?

Our Microwaveable Plastic Plates have come to Monouso to show you that this meaning is false.

Different sizes, shapes, colors, designs and qualities coexist in the same category to respond to one of the strongest market demands. These Microwaveable Dishes are increasingly in demand because of the convenience that a Plastic Dish can provide for microwave use.

Let yourself be charmed by our Microwave Plastic Plates, and find a hygienic, quality and very comfortable service that will adapt to any type of need and situation. Have fun with the Table Decoration of your event and combine different sizes and shapes, the variety is amazing!

If you want to complete your Plastic Tableware with other Disposable Products, visit our website and you will find a great variety of glasses, trays and cutlery with different finishes and materials. 

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