Individual Reusable tablecloth 30x40cm

When Novotex technology adds more polypropylene and more layers of special resins, they make tablecloths of great rigidity, resistance and quality that are known as the Reusable Tablecloths. MonoUso offers you the opportunity to give a more exclusive service with this range of tablecloths that we could not consider Disposable. These Reusable Tablecloths with unique and surprising properties are waterproof and can decorate your table over and over again without suffering wear and tear. 

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Perfect, extremely strong and washable, the Reusable Tablecloths are designed to remain intact until their last use. Made of non-woven fabric (Novotex), with several layers, these Reusable Tablecloths are ecological, antibacterial and antistatic.

Manufactured as if a dozen Novotex Placemats had been joined together, the Reusable Tablecloths are the perfect solution for food stains. These table protectors can be cleaned with a simple cloth and prevent food residues from marking wood, rusting metal or staining plastic.

MonoTip: Many restaurants use these Reusable Tablecloths to place under the paper tablecloth to prevent liquids from splitting the wood. This way, each diner can enjoy a unique service (Disposable Paper Placemat), hygienic (throwing away the Paper Placemat at the end of the service and cleaning the Reusable Placemat for its new use) and economical (avoiding that food spoils the table and that it can be kept and served for a long time).

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