T-Shirt Bags

The T-shirt Plastic Bags are a very resistant, versatile, economic and functional variant of Packing Bags. It is the most recommended and comfortable way of transporting products, especially food products.  Plastic bags with handles are available in various formats, colours and also available in packages of at least 50 units. This way you can place an order that adapts to your needs and your customers will always be able to transport their purchase in the most comfortable way possible.

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T-shirt bags are a necessary resource for the transport of products. T-shirt bags are a type of bag widely used in many sectors for their particular characteristics. As they have handles, they are ideal and very comfortable to carry objects and, especially, food. There is no store or commerce that does not have T-shirt type plastic bags with handles to provide a service to its customers.

In MonoUso there is a great diversity of Plastic T-shirt Bags that will surely meet your expectations. You will find them in different sizes (25x30cm, 30x40cm, 35x40cm, 35x50cm, 40x50cm ,40x60cm, 50x60cm, 50x70cm, 70x80cm, 70x80cm and 85x100cm) or we also have T-shirt Bags in different colors, such as blue, red, lilac, yellow and the classic white.

For those who are more concerned about the environment, we also have 100% degradable T-shirt bags in different sizes of 30x40cm, 35x50cm, 40x50cm and 40x60cm. And if you are interested in pizzas, don't forget that we have T-shirt bags for pizza boxes.

Our Cheap T-shirt Bags will become the best option for your pocket as they are perfect for any kind of business. But this is not all, if you are looking for more types of biodegradable T-shirt bags for your business, here you will find various formats and storage features: Bags for vacuum packaging of food, Plastic Bags without closure, Bags with ZIP closure under pressure, ZIP plastic bags with writing bands, Market Bags, etc. This is only a small part of the Food Packaging in Plastic Bag format that can be ideal for the development of your business activity.

Another very interesting choice nowadays are the Paper Bags, especially for the catering sector and more specifically, for bakeries or private use. Kraft Paper Bags are perfect for their quality, for their affordable price, for being recycled and for the possibility of personalizing them.

A whole world of T-shirt bags and much more, awaits you in MonoUso. Come in and discover the one that fits your specific needs.

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