Cornstarch Plates PLA

Corn starch dishes, also known as PLA dishes, are the new substitute for plastic dishes. This type of dish is part of the category of biodegradable tableware, since the material from which it is made is a material of vegetable origin, much more ecological and sustainable. 

Disposable cornstarch plates cannot be heated, but are ideal for serving cold dishes, different desserts or fruit. 

By using biodegradable products you will be able to differentiate yourself from your competitors and at the same time provide added value to your customers.

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In this category you will find several types of corn starch dishes, in different colors and sizes. Choose a deep PLA dish or a flat one depending on your needs.

Our collection of disposable cornstarch products also includes cornstarch cups and PLA cutlery. By choosing this alternative to plastic, you will be doing your bit for the environment.

The organic disposable plates that you will find on our website are perfect for vegan establishments or bakeries, as this type of product can only be used for cold food. In addition, we guarantee the quality and resistance of our products.

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