Waffle & Crepe trays

Waffle Trays are the special cardboard packaging for serving these culinary delights with syrups and cream without spilling. These Waffle Packs will prevent stains from settling on your clothes and are the most convenient way for each customer to enjoy their sweet moment.

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Everyone knows that eating waffles is a very risky activity if you want to avoid getting dirty, that's why from MonoUso we offer you these resistant and great Waffle Trays, the best solution to avoid misfortune.

These Waffle Trays are the best Waffle Carrier, designed so that the customer can eat it both on the premises and while walking.   

Also known as Waffle Shovels, these Disposable Trays can also be used as Pancake Trays.

Waffle Trays are excellent for bakeries, hospitality businesses and individuals.  But, if you need other types of Cake Packaging, don't hesitate to check out our range of Cake and Pastry Boxes, Confectionery and Chocolate Boxes, Cake Trays and Cupcake and Muffin Boxes.

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