StayLock OPS Plastic Deli Container

StayLock® OPS Hot Food Containers are ideal for presenting your baked goods, from delicious sandwiches to pasta, salads or sweet desserts. These StayLock Plastic Containers feature a double snap closure that ensures that the Food Container will remain sealed, even after repeated openings, and will not lose its shape. 

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Staylock Hinged Lid Containers made of OPS (Oriented Polystyrene) offer transparency, resistance and reliability that make them the ideal Food Containers for presenting pasta, muffins, cupcakes, pastries, sweets, sandwiches or salads. The quality of the material also makes these StayLock® OPS Containers capable of packaging frozen foods, as they can withstand freezing temperatures down to -22ºF.

And if what you need is another type of Food Packaging for your hotel and restaurant business, in our web you will also find another selection of Special Food Packaging by material: FOAM Packaging, Cardboard Packaging, Sugar Cane Packaging and Aluminum Packaging. A convenient solution for your business and with 24/48 hour delivery.  For more information about Plastic Packaging, please contact us at 931 158 455.

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