Round PS Hard Plastic Plates

Round Hard Plastic Plates offer greater consistency and crystallinity than other Plastic Plates. Due to their manufacture in the highest quality polystyrene, Disposable Plates are very rigid and become the perfect ally in events of great importance. Would you dare to use it in your wedding? These Disposable Products are elegant and have a very careful design that will allow you to find comfort and versatility saving time and money but never in quality. Don't think twice and let yourself be surprised by these beautiful Round Hard Plastic Plates.

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Hard Plastic Party Plates are the ultimate in elegant disposable plates. Round Plastic Party Plates have many advantages and are increasingly in demand by countries such as France and the United States, in the organization of important events such as weddings or baptisms.

The main characteristic of the Hard Plastic Plates is its polished finish imitating the ceramic. They manage to provide the advantages of traditional tableware while avoiding disadvantages since, when hit, they do not break into small cutting elements. In addition, Round Disposable Hard Plates are also characterized by their durability and resistance.

Save time and money without skimping on quality and gain comfort and versatility with these Disposable Products. A full collection of Hard Plastic Plates that make up a disposable dinner service available in various colors, designs and sizes.

In Monouso we offer you a wide range of Disposable Plastic Tableware: Rigid Plain Plates, Rigid Disposable Sink Plates, Square Hard Plastic Plates and Hard Plastic Bags. All of them in different sizes and shapes. 

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