Reusable Plastic Cava Flutes

The Reusable Cava Glasses, made of tritan and polycarbonate, are ideal for catering and hotel services, and are pleasantly recommended for serving cava at parties and celebrations. These Unbreakable Plastic Cups, with great finish, provide greater security and quality to the customer, as they are resistant to impact, which gives them a high durability.

Our Reusable Plastic Cups can be perfectly confused with traditional glassware. MonoUso recommends cleaning them in the dishwasher to ensure they last longer: they can be stored in the freezer and decorated.

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With a clear, transparent finish, the Reusable Champagne Glasses are hard as a rock and have a beautiful transparent look that looks like real glass. Ideal for important events such as weddings, baptisms or company parties, these glasses will offer you security and peace of mind when serving drinks in different places and environments, such as outdoor events, swimming pools, terraces, pleasure boats and in all environments where security is an important factor.

What is the Tritan?

The Tritan is a new generation plastic called copolyester which, together with polycarbonate, provides a finish to our Reusable Cups giving them a high quality, safety and resistance ,as they last between 100 and 500 washes per piece, depending on the instructions for use and the quality of the product. All this makes this kitchenware a perfect and advantageous solution for the hotel and catering sector, as the elements manufactured with this material can be treated like any other piece of glassware.

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