Premium Square Hard plastic plates

Premium Square Hard Plates are the perfect plastic dinnerware for enjoying an event outdoors or in a lounge, day, evening or night, because of their timeless design available in a wide range of colours. These Plastic Plates are made of high quality Polystyrene and Polypropylene, so we are talking about a hard, resistant and very versatile Plastic Tableware. The Polypropylene Plastic Plates in this category are Microwaveable Plastic Plates and Reusable Plastic Plates since, with a careful washing, these Plastic Plates can be used in more than one occasion.

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The Premium Square Hard Plates make a very fun, youthful and modern hard plastic dinner service; making them perfect for parties and celebrations of all kinds. Available in different sizes, materials and colors, these Hard Plastic Plates will adapt to any situation offering you a clean, comfortable and quality service.

With a very characteristic shine, the Hard Plastic Plates in Polystyrene are able to withstand high and low temperatures without suffering deformations. The Microwaveable PP Plastic Plates in this category are Reusable Plastic Plates since, with a careful hand wash, these Plastic Plates can be used in more than one occasion.

The Reusable Plates we offer at Monouso are modern and original to stand out in events where you can escape from the typical Round Plastic Plate. They can be stacked, allowing you to save storage space, and are comfortable and light so you can put them on and take them off the table quickly. In addition, if the Polypropylene Square Plastic Plates receive any blow, they will not break into small sharp pieces that can tarnish your event.

With these Plastic Plates we show you that saving without skimping on quality is entirely possible. What more can you ask from a Plastic Plate?

On our website you will also find Coloured Plastic Cups and Coloured Disposable Trays, with different shapes. Without a doubt a very refreshing collection.

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