Premium Round PP Hard Plastic Plates

Premium Round Hard PP Plastic Plates offer far superior resistance to conventional plastic plates. Their classic and timeless design, where the variety of colours to choose from will bring your table to life, are inspired by the perfect circle. These Premium Round Disposable Plates are made of a very resistant plastic that turns these Plastic Plates into Reusable Plastic Plates since they can withstand high and low temperatures and, with a careful hand wash, can be used in more than one occasion. Our Dura Round Plastic Tableware offers simplicity and elegance, a dance in time between perfect shapes and harmony of colors that will make these microwaveable Plastic Plates suitable for any situation. 

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The wonderful Premium Round Hard Dishes open the doors to distinction and sophistication. Made of Polypropylene, their thickness and composition make these Plastic Plates adopt the characteristic of Reusable Plastic Plates, since with a careful hand wash, these Hard Plastic Plates can be used in more than one occasion.

These Round Plastic Plates, available in different colors and sizes, will fill your Table Decoration with personality, while guaranteeing a clean, elegant and quality service. In short, a series of Reusable Plates that make up a versatile Plastic Partyware.

Made of the highest quality polypropylene, these plastic plates can withstand both high and low temperatures. Therefore, Plastic Plates offer the advantages and eliminate the disadvantages of traditional plates since, they are Hard and resistant Plastic Plates that when receiving a blow will not splinter or break into small cutting pieces. 

This Plastic Partyware is made up of Plastic Plates that are the perfect answer to the demands of a professional world in constant evolution, with emphasis on food safety and design. Our Round Hard Plastic Plates offer quality, productivity and low price. 

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