Premium Nice PP Hard Plastic Plates

Nice Hard Plastic Plates make up the range of Premium Plastic Plates par excellence. Original and elegant, this disposable tableware displays food as if it were a gastronomic museum. Manufactured in polypropylene sheets, these Plastic Plates stand out for their design and simplicity as well as for the colour that gives them a pearly touch. Nice Hard Plastic Plates are resistant, microwaveable and, due to their hardness and resistance, they are also Reusable Plastic Plates, which, with careful hand washing, can be used on more than one occasion. Let yourself be surprised by these Elegant Plastic Plates with a very special pearl colour!

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    Are the Nice Premium Hard PP Plates resistant?

    Nice Premium Hard Plates, manufactured with several sheets of Polypropylene, a material that gives them greater rigidity, resistance and durability, are capable of withstanding high temperatures without deformation, without transferring odours and flavours to the food. They are suitable for use on more than one occasion and are included in the exceptional range of Reusable Plastic Plates.

    Why do they have a special shine?

    Our Nice Hard Plastic Plates, thanks to the composition and crystallisation of the injected polypropylene, achieve a very subtle shine and a texture that will not appear plastic to your eyes. The pearly colour of these Plastic Plates is, at the very least, surprising.

    How are your designs?

    With an original and modern design, they are Reusable Plastic Plates that are very elegant and exquisite. This Premium Disposable Tableware is ideal to give a touch of distinction to your table. Our Nice Plates are square and are available in various sizes, making them perfect for serving everything from appetizers, to salads, creams, seconds and desserts. For all these reasons, Nice Plastic Dishes are in great demand by restaurants, caterers and high standing hotels, where good service and relaxation is their calling card.

    What are the advantages of Nice tableware?

    Our Nice Premium Plastic Plates are resistant and hard, just like traditional tableware, but when they are hit they will not break into small sharp elements that can tarnish your event. In addition, they are stackable, so you will also save on storage space. But that's not all, they are also Light Plastic Plates, so serving and removing plates from the table will be easy, fast and convenient.

    Available in different designs, sizes and colors, these Reusable Plastic Plates will adapt to any situation, to serve any kind of food from the first canapé to the dessert.  

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