Plastic Short-Stem Wine Goblets

Plastic Wine and Water Glasses are ideal for serving drinks at outdoor events, as these Disposable Glasses, if broken, will not produce cuts or scratches. The Plastic Low-Foot Cups offer a transparency and rigidity that makes customers confuse them with a real glass. But the difference is that after service, diners can easily dispose of their Plastic Disposable Cup. 

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Enjoy a nice wine with our Plastic Low Stem Glasses. These Disposable Wine Glasses are made of polystyrene which gives them great rigidity and a crystalline appearance. These Plastic Low Stem Party Glasses reduce the risk of breakage and damage, because even if they break they do not produce glass, their edges do not splinter and they are so flexible that they will not become a weapon against guests. That's why children can use them as Plastic Water Cups or for other soft drinks, knowing that they won't get hurt.

Enjoy the wide variety of Low Profile Plastic Water and Wine Glasses designs we offer. Perfect to fit any style and any budget, a complete catalogue of Disposable Glasses solutions for your business.

And if what you need is another type of Plastic Cup, do not hesitate to consult our sections of Plastic Wine and Water Glasses, Plastic Liquor Glasses, Reusable Plastic Cups, Plastic Cocktail Bags and Plastic Ice Buckets. Undoubtedly the best collection of disposable glasses of all types: both cheap plastic cups and premium plastic cups.

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