Plastic Short-Stem Champagne Flutes

The Plastic Low Foot Cava Cups offer great strength and are ideal for making toasts without fear of the foot being broken. These Disposable Glasses are perfect for serving champagne, champagne or brut and celebrating great moments with a chin-chin finish. That's why, at your parties or big events where the number of people involves a large number of glasses, our Low Stem Plastic Cups are perfect.

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To put the icing on the cake at your parties, nothing beats Plastic Low-Foot Cava Cups for the best crowd pleaser. Our Disposable Plastic Cups are perfect for outdoor events, as they are hard to break and do not chip or cut.

These stylish Low Profile Plastic Cups offer great strength and sobriety with a high-gloss finish. Our Plastic Cups are easy to assemble and disassemble, can be stacked, for convenient storage.

Our Disposable Plastic Cups are disposable, but their great feature is that they offer security against unforeseen breakages and unnecessary cuts. Widely used in caterings and large events, the Low Foot Cava Cups will become an indispensable product for any toast.

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