Plastic Cups With Lids

Plastic Cups with Lids are the perfect containers to serve drinks to those customers who want to move around the city without their soda, coffee or smothie spilling. These Disposable Plastic Cups with Lids help save time and money, as customers can dispose of them after consumption and hoteliers do not have to wash and dry the cup for later service.

Here you will find all the sizes available in Plastic Cups with Lids, from 160 millilitres to 610 millilitres.

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Small, large, wide, narrow, Plastic Cups are the perfect containers to enjoy a coffee, soft drink or combination anywhere. But how do you move without spilling? That's what our range of Plastic Cups with Lids is for.

Manufactured in Polystyrene, Polypropylene or PET, our Disposable Cups with Lids, due to all the properties these materials provide, are almost unbreakable, highly resistant and much safer, as they do not splinter either.

Also known as Plastic Coffee Cups, Soda Cups or Milkshake Cups, our Plastic Cups with Lids are suitable for hot and cold drinks because they withstand temperatures very well.

These Plastic Tumblers are the most practical and hygienic solution for your business, especially for those serving drinks to go or outdoors. And you can complement your order with any of our Plastic Tumbler Covers.

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