Microwavable Deli Containers Premium PP

The Premium Black PP Containers are designed to maintain the essence of your dishes without losing any of their flavour. Their design and color elevate them to a superior category, since these PP Plastic Containers with Black Base are perfect for food transportation, since they keep the temperature of the food very well, and for its presentation, since such container gives security and elegance. We are not talking about the typical Plastic Tupper but about a Food Packaging that could well do the function of Disposable Tableware.

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The Black Base Premium Plastic Container is designed to maintain the essence of your dishes without losing any of their flavor and temperature, as they are suitable for microwaving. These Black Base Micro PP Containers are characterized by their elegant style and the sophistication of their design. The Premium Plastic Container is made of PP. This material is ductile and, above all, very resistant to impact, an important property in Take-Away Food Packaging.

These Premium Plastic Containers have a lid, which will keep the food warm when it comes out of the microwave. This way, the customer will be able to heat the food without difficulties. For all these reasons, this Black Plastic Container is a very important alternative when selecting the best Food Packaging for your business. Micro Black Base Packaging is used to give a distinguished touch to the presentation of cooked dishes. It is highly valued among rotisseries and take-out establishments.

And if you need another type of Food Packaging for your hotel and restaurant business, in our website you will also find another selection of Special Food Packaging by material: FOAM Packaging, Cardboard Packaging, Sugar Cane Packaging and Aluminum Packaging. A convenient solution for your business and with 24/48 hour delivery.  For more information about Plastic Packaging, please contact us at 931 158 455.

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