Hinged Lid PLA Containers

If you're worried about food getting out of the container or have a take-away business, hinged PLA cornstarch containers are your salvation. These containers are perfect for transporting food safely and without fear of spillage. As they are thermoformed, these containers are lighter and have greater flexibility and resistance. In MonoUso we have different sizes and measures so you can choose the one that best suits you.

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PLA cornstarch hinge packs are created from natural resources such as cornstarch or potato starch. These hinge packs are environmentally friendly, so you can offer your customers a safe and environmentally friendly option.

They are for packaging fresh foods such as sweets, sandwiches, fruit or salads. PLA hinge packs are excellent if you are looking for a pack that can be used to offer cold meals in your store without fear of spilling the product. This way your customers will be able to take the food with them without worrying about it spilling out - transport your food without fear!

If what you need is another type of food packaging for your business, in our website you will find a wide selection of food packaging in different materials, shapes and sizes. Choose the best option for your business!

Our customers often ask us if they can use PLA cornstarch products if they are allergic to corn: of course they can! All our products comply with current regulations and are suitable for people allergic to corn starch or its derivatives as they contain no immunologically reactive traces. Visit our blog for the article that explains everything about this material.

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