If this is the first time you are shopping and you need help, you can contact us directly by

Phone: 931 158 455

E-mail: info@monouso.es

We will be at your service.

You can pay your order by 3 ways:

Payment by transfer

Once we receive your order made through the online shop, telephone or fax, we will send you an e-mail with our bank details and the total amount to be paid. To speed up your shipment, please send us the transfer receipt via fax to the FAX number you will be given.

In the transfer you must indicate the name of the person or company to which the order will be invoiced and the order number (the number will be obtained at the end of the processing of the order and is assigned automatically by the system).

Your bank may charge you a commission for the transfer, which may increase the amount of your order.


Secure payment by credit or debit card (SERVIRED)

Payment is made by Credit or Debit Card.

The payment is totally safe and you make it directly to the Bank through secure communications.


Payment via Paypal by Credit or Debit Card

Payment is made through Paypal Bank.

Payment is made by sending an email to comercial@monouso.es.

To open a PayPal account you only need to have an email address and a credit or debit card. Registration with Paypal is free, easy and a secure way to pay online.