FOAM Plastic Fusion Cups

Offer your customers the opportunity to keep drinks at their optimum temperature while promoting your business with our Fusion Foam Cups, a Thermal Cup made of expanded Polypropylene and with a paper coating that allows screen printing or printing, while softening the touch of the Isothermal Cup with the customer's hand.

These Insulated Cups are available in five different sizes, with capacities identified in colours, making them easy to distinguish, and several models to choose from. In addition, all our Fusion Cups, whatever their size, use an optimal lid, of the same thickness for all, thus reducing the need to buy different lids.

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FOAM Fusion Cups offer us a superior insulating capacity to traditional plastic cups, but we must add that they improve and give distinction to the presentation of your drinks.

With a photographic finish, on their printed surface, our Design Thermal Cups keep the temperature and taste of the drinks in an optimum state, and their rounded edge makes them easy to drink and safe to cover.

Fusion Cups are the Comfort Cups par excellence, because: thanks to their insulating capacity, which is far superior to that of Hot Drink Paper Cups, these Isothermal Cups contribute to reducing waste, as they do not need the double cup or cardboard straps that Cellulose Cups require so that customers do not burn themselves, thus reducing the costs of your business.

Characteristics of Fusion FOAM Cups:

- It has a ThermoThin core that helps them maintain the temperature, quality, and flavor of the drink.

- Their thermal composition makes them the best insulator, not letting the temperature of the content pass through, so hot drinks can be held comfortably by customers, eliminating the use of protective cardboard or the use of double cups.

- Its rounded molded rim adds strength to the container and achieves a secure lid closure, helping to prevent spills. As well as its seamless walls, it offers a high filling capacity.

- The fact that they all offer the same dimension at the top makes them cups, which although of different capacity use the same lid. Reducing storage space and confusion for the hotelier about which lid each Fusion Cup needs.

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