FOAM Ice Cream Cups

The FOAM Containers for Ice Cream are containers that, thanks to their thermal composition, help to preserve the temperature of the food. In this case, our disposable containers for ice cream FOAM prevent the temperature inside the Single Use Container for Ice Cream from being lost, making your ice cream last longer cold and without falling apart. Extend the life of your ice cream with these great Isothermal Ice Cream Containers.

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To withstand the cold temperature of ice cream there is nothing better than Isothermal Ice Cream Tubs. These FOAM Containers are perfect to make the ice cream take longer to melt, making the customer can enjoy their refreshing dessert longer.

The Isothermal Containers for Ice Cream are essential throughout the year, since ice cream is no longer a seasonal food and more and more people like to enjoy a good ice cream all year round. That is why MonoUso offers you a wide selection of Thermal Containers for Ice Cream, all year round.

Manufactured in FOAM, a material formed by expanded plastic, this ensures that the temperature of the ice cream is isolated from the outside, thus preventing it from melting quickly.

And if what you need is Thermal Packaging for other uses, do not hesitate to consult our special section of FOAM Packaging, where you will find from Isothermal Bowls, to, FOAM Packaging for Hamburgers, FOAM Packaging Multifunctional, FOAM Packaging for Menu and Isothermal Diner-Pack.

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