Disposable TableWare X-Table Violet

The X-Table Disposable Tableware in Violet will add a touch of colour to any restaurant dining room or event table. This X-Table Plastic Tableware is composed of Plastic Plates, Plastic Cups, Plastic Trays and Plastic Bags, a complete set of matching items, ideal for outdoor events or parties where the little ones are the protagonists, as its flexibility and resistance make it an unbreakable tableware. 

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    Made of polypropylene, with great resistance and durability, the X-Table Disposable Tableware in Violet colour will give you the opportunity to transform your event into a lively and intense celebration.

    This X-Table Dinner Set will surprise you to the touch that, together with its flexibility will give you a lot of confidence when serving food to the little ones, since being an Unbreakable Dinner Set, you will be able to say goodbye to crystals, splinters and cuts.

    And if this is not the X-Table Dinner Set you are looking for for your party, don't forget to check out our Orange X-Table Dinner Set catalogue, ideal for outdoor parties where nature is part of the event, the Red X-Table Dinner Set, perfect for dinners where wine is the star of the evening, or the Black X-Table Dinner Set, a perfect bet for elegant parties where class and sobriety will be present in every corner.

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