Disposable TableWare X-Table Orange

Dress up your table or event with the Orange X-Table disposable tableware and brighten up your guests' evening. This disposable tableware is ideal for any occasion or type of event. Orange is a vivid colour, a warm colour and a colour that by itself attracts attention, so it is ideal for serving canapés and tasting where the food must conquer your eyes. This Orange Plastic X-Table Tableware is ideal for beach parties where the sun will say goodbye to your guests to welcome the starry night.

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    The Orange X-Table Disposable Tableware is ideal for events, parties and celebrations where you can liven up the atmosphere with a nice tone reminiscent of the summer heat in a beautiful sunset. Cheer up your guests or match this dinner service with the corporate colour of your company, with a comfortable, versatile and flexible dinner service.

    Suitable for microwaves, this plastic dinner service is considered unbreakable, because it will not fall apart into small, sharp pieces when hit, thus reducing possible mishaps at a dinner or event to 0.

    Our X-Table Dinnerware, in different colors, is perfect for use in picnic areas, swimming pools, beaches or simply to be used in any outdoor party. 

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