Airlaid Decorated Napkins

The Decorated Airlaid Napkins will give that touch of elegance and distinction to the table leaving diners with the impression that these Disposable Napkins look like cloth napkins.

In Kanguro Airlaid Decorated Napkin and Airlaid Napkin with 40x40 Design format, these Decorated Napkins are ideal for all kinds of places where details are a concern. Let landscapes, monuments and works of art accompany your tableware.

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    Airlaid Decorated Paper Napkins, made of cellulose with double layer are perfect to give a touch of distinction to your hotel or restaurant business. As if they were works of art, these Decorated Napkins will capture the attention of all your guests, as their landscapes, shapes and colours will not leave anyone indifferent.

    - In our catalogue you will find:

    Kanguro Airlaid Decorated Napkins, with measures of 33x40, are the best protectors of your cutlery when presenting the table. You will find these Cutlery Holder Napkins in different colours, designs and patterns, always playing with the complete combination of your table.

    Decorated Airlaid Napkins 40x40, will make you think that they are not paper napkins, but cloth napkins. These Decorated Non-Woven Napkins, made from cellulose fibres and natural latex, offer great consistency, extraordinary resistance, absorption capacity and are very pleasant to touch.

    In short, these Designer Napkins are the ideal solution for your business, where you can create unique and relevant environments, combining them with Arlaid Premium Tablecloths, Designer Plates, Reusable Wine Glasses and Premium Plastic Cutlery.

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